Weekend update

There is no doubt now that although some are still busy sewing we are winding down. The slope of the graph showing the number of scrubs made is starting to flatten out, and this time it’s not because of a gremlin in the spreadsheet! Incredibly we are heading towards 4000 sets of scrubs and this does not include the project 3000 scrubs to whom I think we have now delivered 1200 sets of scrubs.

Winding down for some is a relief and a step back to normality, for others it will create a void where something really positive has been part of their lives which they don’t want to lose. To this end we have been thinking about ways that other projects might start up as this project slows down. Some of the ideas that we have come up with are set out below but we welcome all your thoughts.

If we are to follow through with some other projects we need some organisers to come forward. Our local coordinators are variously stepping back and/ or staying in for now and our team of three Sian, Katie and Sue will not all be staying in long term. However it works out a new structure and team are inevitable although we all hope that everyone will stay in touch. The main thing is that we all try to make the transition in a constructive, positive and happy way that sees us through to the end but ready for those that wish to to take on more.

Here are some of the ideas…. Perhaps when we have had some feedback we will issue yet another of our forms to take some more structured feedback on the way forward. For now please comment and add your ideas without any sort of commitment.

In the short term some will no doubt be making face coverings and we certainly have no issue with this but as has been said before will not be dealing with the logistics through this group. Using up scrap material from scrubs to make face coverings is a great way forward if you know where you are going to send them. They will surely to welcomed.

Sian’s idea – making fidget blankets for demtia sufferers / alzheimers / autisitc etc.


Katie’s list of possibilities


Sue’s idea

Dressing up clothes for school reception classes / aprons for home corners…… not really sure of need just a thought.

I’m sure we’ve heard other ideas but lets try and collate a few more here….

Happy sewing whatever you are up to.