Update at last!!

Hi Everyone, sorry I’ve been rather quiet and you may be feeling like you don’t know what’s going on. I am back working again as is Sian so Katies is doing a wonderful job of holding the fort whilst we are busy. That said Sian has been keeping project 3000 going and we are now at a point where we only have 40 sets of scrubs waiting to go out to sewers. So we can expect to have pretty much done all we have to do on this withing the next week to 10 days. We should end up having made a total of around 1200 sets of scrubs by this route. A fantastic effort and a big pay on the back for all involved.

Last week was going along quite nicely with an anticipation that we would have to move out of the Hub in the coming week. However, on Thursday it became apparent that we need to get out on Friday. Although we are no longer receiving and cutting fabric we still had a variety of goods stored there including over 550 sets of scrubs. After some urgent planning and with various options on the table and with lots of helpers, who helped out at a moments notice, we finally moved out and the scrubs are now stored in a storage king space at Tolladine Road. . They have given us a good price and we now know our scrubs are safe and we have a space to receive and distribute scrubs to finish our work. The space is much more restricted but will do the job. Thanks to Katie and Luca for sorting and organising the potential chaos

We are very much feeling our way now, trying to work out what is best for everyone, those exhausted from sewing, those heading back to work and those keen to carry on. Our general feeling is that we need to work out a good way to continue to distribute our scrubs. We want to collect the hospital grade scrubs and prioritise for hospitals and support a range of other organisation with the re-purposed scrubs.

I’m sorry if that sounds a bit woolly… if you have fabric to sew still please keep going, we will ensure that they all get put to good use.

Finally a thank you. We just can’t say it enough times THANK YOU, all of you whatever you have done however small or however big … every little contribution has helped and is helping xxx from Katie, Sian and Sue

Will tell you more when we have more to tell.