Today – a lot of thoughts to share.

We stated by writing this “Letter” to you all. Which then got overtaken by further information and thoughts so please read on…

1. Letter to you all

Dear All

We have all been working hard on this project doing whatever we can for up to 6 weeks. We know that for some people returning to working life is getting closer. Others may have put heart and soul into the project and are starting to feel the pressure. Others are struggling to deal with the takeover of their dining rooms, kitchens, spare bedrooms by fabric and sewing paraphernalia.

We want to reassure you all that stepping back, doing less, doing no more… none of these are letting anyone down. We can only do what we can do without compromising our own health and sanity.

We do still have many outstanding requests and we have offers of fabric that may / could fully meet those requests but we must only bite of what we can chew. We need to assess what we can reasonably expect to achieve going forward.

Co-ordinators – you have done so much, please please please tell us if you need to step back, all we ask is that you help us find successors and show them the ropes.

Scrub Sewers – Please complete this quick survey to give us a clue as to where you all are with continuing… we believe we have a core of around 250 sewers doing the bulk of the scrub making. It would be helpful to have a significant number of you reply…

In the meantime, once again, thank you all for all that you have done and are doing. You are amazing.

2. Current situation

We have had funded 1164 scrubs and now have made 1351 excluding some early ones.

We had distributed 829 by Friday so should have around 500 in the system coming in. Lets say 300 to be safe assuming 200 have gone out privately.

We have outstanding requests for 1750 if we deduct the acute requests we get 1500.

So after the 300 in the system go out we have 1200 requests (may end up as low as 1000)

The Chris Evans fabric:

We expect to receive 1750m of fabric from the Chris Evans fundraiser today or tomorrow morning. We have no idea what the spec is or the width. If I is the narrowest material at 4.8m / scrub makes 360. Probably at least 400.

Leaves us needing 800 sets.

We have then been told we might well get a further 5000m next week if we want it. 5000m makes 1042 sets.

This needs some thought…

The sets we have made so far have been made by 260 sewers. The first set of 1750m of fabric would require around 2 more sets each and the second set of fabric would require another 4 more sets each… total 6 sets each if everyone carries on making.

Of the 260 sewers 140 of them made around 1000 of the 1350 scrub sets having excluded those on Project 3000. So really we would be relying largely heavily on those who have made a lot already to keep doing so.

Also we have around £4000 about to be available that we were planning on spending on fabric. It seems that the fabric from the Chris Evans fund has been bought and needs making up so it may be best to accept this fabric knowing that we told our donors that we would donate to the Nation Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal if we have excess funds.

Finally we are checking out what will happen to our Hub when the school re-opens even if only partially. We must anticipate that we will need to vacate and thoroughly clean the room.

I hope / expect you can hear our brains whirling… what to do… We have decided to not take any decisions until we see the 1750m of fabric and what it is like. At the same time we will try to get feedback from you our team. Then we will take stock again.

To this end please can you answer this quick questionnaire if you have not already filled in your thought on the facebook poll? All assuming we provide the fabric etc. over the next 2 to 4 weeks.