Thursday Night update

Well, scrubs continue to pour in and back out to users and a new batch of fabric is now with your coordinators for sewing.

In the meantime our brains have continued to whirrrrrrr…

We have made a couple of decisions today.

  1. We no longer need to fundraise. The effort thus far has been amazing and the amount raised staggering. If we had not come across the donations from the Chris Evans fund and the fabric from the central team we would not be making this decision. But we now believe that we can access sufficient funds and fabric to make all the scrubs that have been requested. The biggest input remaining is your sewing time.
  2. Once we have firmed up the number of scrubs we still need to make we will order fabric with our funds and request the balance from the Chris Evans funds and then we will draw a line. We delivered fabric for 400 scrubs today and think that fabric for another 800 will be enough. Maybe more than enough. We may only need as little 400 more sets worth but it feels a bit like a moving target at the moment.
  3. To put this into context we have steadily been making scrubs at a rate of around 600 per week for the last 10 days to 2 weeks so about another 2 weeks work, maybe a little longer. We hope and think that this feels manageable.

When we are a bit clearer on numbers we’ll tell you but that should give you a general feel for where we are headed.

Happy Thursday everyone 🙂