Mid Week Update

Well, we’ve been sewing (well you all have) a LOT for the past few weeks and the news is that we have less than 400 scrubs left on our order list. Quite a lot of these are the Acute Hospitals wanting blue. Our “Scrubs made” sheet says we’ve made nearly 2700 sets and our “Scrubs sent out” says 2746…. Make of that what you will we’ve made and delivered a LOT of scrubs. We guess we have more than the 400 sets currently out being made and will end up with some excess stock which is a fantastic position to be in. We continue to get some new orders in spite of the fact that it now seems possible to buy scrubs from the commercial suppliers so it’s hard to work out where we will end up. We will have to decide whether we hold on to some stock in case of a second wave, offer stock to other areas of the country who are still calling for more and / or see what other demand there is locally. We were starting to get demand from dentists and have supplied a few but we have said on our website that those looking for scrubs now might do well to look at what they can buy from commercial suppliers. We didn’t want our order list just to continue to expand with no end in sight when commercial suppliers are getting going. At the end of the day we have felt all along that our role has been to provide a service when their was a desperate need , not to put commercial sewers and suppliers out of jobs. We welcome your thoughts on this and know there will be a range of views.

On top of this by the end of tomorrow we will have sent well over 700 sets to the Acute Hospitals through project 3000. We probably only have about two maybe three weeks worth of sewing left to complete the stock of fabric we have for this project. Other groups having also been sewing so that all the 3000 scrubs will have been made up. It will be good to know we helped make a big dent in getting these scrubs sewn up.

It’s been so much about the scrubs the last few weeks its important not to forget all those who have sewn bags, hats and bands. I still can’t believe the numbers and we still get some requests in spite of having flooded the market!! We are meeting these request from stock and the steady sewing of some who are still producing a few of these items. Please check with your local coordinator if you wish to make these as they have a much better handle on demand and supply than we do sitting at our computers!

Once again let us say Amazing, Amazing, Amazing to everyone for all your efforts. A few more weeks and our job really will be done, but we will have a network of sewers and friends that we are sure will last way beyond this crisis.