Latest Update

Hello all an update is well overdue but things are moving a bit more slowly now. So firstly, to let you know what is going on just now in case you feel a bit out of the loop.

  1. General Scrubs – We still have some scrubs making their way into the Hub which is housed in a store in Worcester. We have this store until the 11th August. We still have quite a lot of scrubs in the Hub which we are still steadily delivering out to a range of users. The number of requests for scrubs is way down on previous levels and a higher proportion of requests are now for specific colours. In our opinion the emergency requirement we set up to cover is over in Worcestershire at least.
  2. Rainbow Fabric – We have now delivered out to sewers all of the rainbow fabric that we had and many of you are busy sewing. Mainly we are using this to make scrub tops that can be paired with plain trousers with a few specifically allocated full sets of scrubs. Our inventive sewers will also be making scrub hats and other accessories with offcuts of material.

Now for the plan going forward.

  1. General Scrubs – We have agreed that we will leave the Hub before Tuesday the 11th August and will distribute as many of the remaining scrubs to those in need as possible before that date. If we have some left Katie has a safe dry space where we will store them pending any upsurge in a second wave or for further distribution.
    As such we really need you to finish any scrubs you are making by Friday 31st July or earlier if possible and return them to the hub through your area co-ordinator. Co-ordinators we would ask you to get them to the hub with a last delivery on Monday 3rd August. We will aim to get these out to users by Friday 7th August giving us the weekend to tidy and pack any remaining stock ready for delivery or removal to Katies for storage. Please let your co-Ordinator know if this is likely to be a problem.
  2. Rainbow Scrubs – We aim to collect all Rainbow scrubs into the Hub so that we can make a single set of deliveries to the hospitals. If you could aim to finish these scrubs by Friday 31st July and return to the Hub via Area coordinators, we would be grateful. We don’t want anyone to feel pressurised to do more than they want so if you think getting all you have fabric finished in this time will be a problem please discuss with your area co-ordinator.
    If area Co-ordinators can try to get this back to the Hub again as soon as possible but with a last delivery on Monday 3rd August we would be grateful.
    We will then be able to arrange a delivery to the hospitals before the Hub closes on Tuesday 11th August. We will try to make these deliveries arrive with some press coverage to explain what a wonderful and generous set of sewers, fundraisers, organisers, drivers etc we have been lucky enough to meet along the way.
  3. Distribution of Scrubs Stock – We will be aiming to take remaining scrubs stock into hospitals for staff to pick up if they need them. Please get in touch via our gmail address if you think you know anywhere that or anyone that can help us distribute what we have left to people that will use them. We know they will end up being much appreciated if we can get them to the right people.

This all seems very final and to be honest it is quite final, however, we will leave our website up with some updates to explain what we achieved and the facebook group will continue as a point of contact for us all. Let’s face it we will have a few parties to organise when social distancing makes it seem like it would be fun!

In the meantime, we have spoken about the fact that for some the end of this project will leave a big hole. We hope that some will want to set up and organise new groups to get on with some of the many wonderful ideas that came out in previous posts about ways to sew and make a difference. We are very happy for anyone who wishes to set something like this up to use our facebook page to make initial contact and advertise new facebook groups and or websites to promote new sewing groups. We will set up topics so the threads can be organised. All we ask is that new groups do not use our name. By all means explain that the new group has come about as a result of this wonderful project but we don’t want any confusion over the fundraising and application of our funds or what has been achieved over the past few months. Not only this but we will of course stand ready to re-activate our group should a second wave lead to further shortages of scrubs.

On the financial side we have around £300 left to spend after a few outstanding bills are reimbursed. We may yet need this for a few other expenses but as was explained at the outset any balance will go to the Coronavirus national emergency fund.

Just to let you know as of today we have made around 5,300 sets of scrubs including the project 3000 sets what an amazing achievement.

Our final job will be to write a lot of thank you letters!