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The Good News Keeps on Rolling In

Firstly FABRIC – we have today collected 1750m of fabric!! Roughly 200 scrub sets have been distributed to are coordinators for sewing without having been cut to pattern. Enough fabric for roughly another 250 sets of scrubs has gone for cutting to a factory set up for this purpose. There may be a hitch here in that they have just got a contract from the government to make gowns and so will only be able to cut for us between their own cuts.  We have a couple of other options but if you know of any please let us know.

Secondly MONEY – today we passed the £4000 mark on Go Fund me which is fantastic, we really thought that £4,500 was a big ask when we set it but its now looking quite do-able. Thanks to all for sharing. On top of this we today received £760 from North Worcester Rotary, £1,000 from Bamford Wealth Management and have been told we will be receiving £2,500 from Worcestershire Community Fund. This is absolutely fantastic and is due to the hard work and persistence of a number of people in our fundraising group. Particular thanks go to Deb Holt for securing the Bamford Wealth Management and Worcestershire Community Fund money.

All this means that we are back scouring the net for suppliers with reliable decent quality fabric at sensible prices. We think we have another 137m that we can secure to arrive this week and will be looking for more. Watch this space.

Finished Scrubs – we are collecting these in now and want to get scrubs out to hospitals as soon as possible so please liaise with your area coordinators. Please try to send your scrubs back to us in a laundry bag with the size marked on the bag and on a separate tag an indication of what material was used to make them… new, or re-purposed and maybe the colour (this is new, I’ve just thought of it). This will really help us sorting in the Hub so we can try to send the hospitals what they want.

Finally – Gowns – You will have seen in the press the desperate need for gowns and a number of people have asked if we are making these. The main national group has looked at this and does not want us to make them. We have done a bit of our own research and decided that this is best left to the small manufacturers. The specification is more critical and we don’t feel our organisation is set up to quality control garments destined to be used to be used as a protective layer from the virus. We will focus on what we are doing making scrubs confident in the knowledge that the next week or so will see us deliver to many many front line workers who will be very grateful.

Funded fabric update

We know that many of our sewers are very keen to get their hands on our funded fabric. This is where we are up to.

Last week we purchased 350m of fabric the last 150m of which we expect to receive tomorrow (some possibly Tuesday) and will be distributed as uncut lengths for sewing the day it arrives.

We have ordered another 700m which we do not expect to take delivery of until late on Monday. Given the enthusiasm for having patterns pre-cut this will go to our cutters on Tuesday morning and will be back with us to go out to sewers on Thursday. This is clearly assuming everything happens to the schedule we have been given.

We have funding to purchase further fabric which we will attempt to do on Monday / Tuesday so that we hope to have another batch a couple of days later.

We are also buying more thread and cord.

Please understand that we have so much goodwill and so many people ready and willing to sew and wanting fabric that we are unlikely to be able to give everyone all of the fabric they have asked for. We will be distributing the fabric around the areas as fairly as possible.

We know it seems slow out there but believe me we are moving as fast as we can whilst trying to ensure that we end up with fabric of a suitable quality. We also look forward to seeing the first round of scrubs coming back in and being sorted for distribution to hospitals this week. Thanks you and Keep up the good work all.

Go Fund Me Update

Our Go Fund Me now stands at very nearly £3,500 what a result well done everyone who has shared the link. On top of that we have just been told that through a contact of Frances Browne the North of Worcestershire Rotary Club have agreed to donate us £500 a massive thank you to them and to Frances for making the link. So fund raising is going well, please keep it up.

Good news coming thick and fast

So much good news coming through today. Firstly Christopher Whitehead School have paid for our next batch of fabric some £1,300. They have been busy making protective face masks and have done a fantastic job raising funds for this very worthwhile project. Now they are supporting us with some of their funds. Mega Thank you to them. Now we can look at doubling the order that is scheduled for Monday (so long as the fabric arrives at the wholesalers as anticipated… cross your fingers). Once it arrives it will be distributed as fairly as we can around the various areas.

Also Janet Wicks has sourced £625 from Rotary Club of Hagley … big shout out to them for this. She’s used some of it to buy fabric which I being used in Kidderminster and the balance is going into the central fund to buy more fabric. Well done Janet.

We have agreement from to cut our fabric as it comes in on their machines that are already set up for this purpose so our bigger batches should come out to you pre-cut in line with the preference on the facebook poll.

There are so many great things happening including of course all your sewing efforts… Thanks to everyone keep it up.

Fabric update

Today we took a second delivery of around 100m of fabric which will be coming our to sewers today. We decided to get this out to sewers for the weekend on the same or similar basis to the last lot. We will be looking at what length is needed to minimize wastage but not cut it too fine. Then bearing in mind how many people wanted to have the fabric pre-cut to pattern pieces we will take the weekend to bottom out how having pattern pieces pre-cut can be done most effectively. This should prepare us for the next deliveries. We have one further small delivery already on order. However, we also are hoping, cross all your fingers and toes that we can buy around 600m of some fabric that Sian has seen and is happy with on Monday. Its lightweight but good quality. If the cookie crumbles right we could place orders and collect on Monday and will look at the best way to have this cut. Please bear with us though if this doesn’t work out. We’ve done a lot this week. Next week should see us collating made up scrubs for delivery. On a final note the more funds we have in the Go Fund Me account on Monday the better for our purchasing power!!! Please share it again over the weekend. Thanks a lot

We’re in the news!

Yesterday we hit the news again in all the local online papers. Please take a look and enjoy being part of something amazing. Meantime today we are really keen to get a count of where we have completed scrubs from any fabric that was not part of the funded batch we sent out this week. So this would be scrubs made from you own fabric, donated by shops, passed to you by a friend etc etc. If you have finished any of these scrubs please can you urgently fill in this form. Please also fill in any that you are working on or have fabric for.  The sooner we have a more detailed picture of this the sooner we can get them to the people who need them. Thanks a lot

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Fundraising & PR

Money to buy fabric is now our limiting factor so fundraising and PR is key. We have a few people working on fundraising and PR but are looking for people to join them and someone to lead on activity in this area. If you have any skills and / or interest and some time to spare please drop Sue a message on Many Thanks

Fabric from Go Fund Me – Update

Yesterday we ordered three batches of fabric and took delivery of our first batch of fabric purchased with funds from the Go Fund Me fundraising. We have agreed the distribution as fairly as we can across all our areas and the first batch is being cut up ready for delivery as we speak. Each batch will be distributed amogst different areas and we shoudl be taking delivery of the second batch today and the final batch later this week. We look forward to seeing the scrubs you make from this fabric on its way to Hospitals. The fabris is still very hard to source with suppliers difficult to get hold of by phone and supplies not always what is shown on-line. We will be purcashing more batches as the funding comes through and as we have a chance to look at the quality of the material already purchased.

Fabric Update

As previously stated our first choice is for you to source your own fabric where you can but we appreciate that if you are making a lot this is not practical for many and also that many cannot afford to at this time. So we now have enough funds in our Go Fund me to purchase fabric for those who do not have any. Easter of course has got in the way a little as suppliers were not answering phones. However today we are on the phones and will aiming to place orders today. If and it’s a big If we can collect fabric from local suppliers we will to get it in circulation as soon as possible. We will be putting out a request for people to let us know who needs scrubs fabric. We will also be purchasing thread etc.

We are planning for the material to come in to a couple of central points and be delivered out to sewers from there. We are working with co-ordintors to confirm how this will work but watch this space.

Scrubs Co-ordination

Lots of work is going on behind the scenes to work out how we collect and deliver finished scrubs and make sure we make them in a range of suitable and requested sizes. Watch this space for more details.