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3000 Scrubs!!!

Yesterday we were approached by a Consultant Anaesthetist (representing the doctors of the acute hospitals) who has raised funds to make 3000 scrubs for the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals to support staff who need scrubs whatever their role and wherever they are most needed e.g. ITU/theatres/wards etc. both now and after the pandemic.. She has bought the fabric through funds provided by the Acute Hospitals Trust and organised to have it cut to size as well as producing an instructional video in how to put them together.

We have been asked whether we can make them up! It sounds like an opportunity to make a huge impact but it does challenge what we are doing. The scrubs would have to go into the acute hospitals and while we make for them we are not making for many others who have already requested our scrubs.

What we have decided is to do a trial. We will offer to make 500 sets which is half as many again as we have done in the past week or so. We will approach those who have offered to make larger numbers of scrubs in the first instance to see if they want to be involved. This will leave those making smaller numbers free to continue making with fabric funded by ourselves and will enable us to direct more of the fabric in your direction.

We have 13 sewers who offered to make 30 or more sets and 19 who offered to make 20 sets between them they could make over 700 sets and many have not had fabric to make at anything like this number. We will approach these people and ask what they can make and in what timeframe. With the benefit of this experience we will agree how many more of the 3000 we might make.

This will no doubt be an evolving plan so keep your eyes and ears open for news of how it is going and how you can contribute.

This will involve another set of organisation and if you think you would like to assist with the coordination of this process please get in touch with either Sian, Katie or Sue.

All we can say is watch this space…


Today has been a busy day for us. A lot has happened but Shhhhh! We can’t tell all just yet. We can tell you that another batch of fabric has been distributed and we counted over 300 scrubs in the Hub today!!! It really is all happening now.

All we can say is watch this space…

If you in Redditch or West Worcester and are finding communication is a bit sketchy please bear with us, we are in the process of finding and establishing new coordinators. We are trying to cover from a variety of angles but are struggling to keep up. Keep sewing and we will be with you to collect finished goods etc. asap.

Daily Update

We are just getting going with the Big “Scrubs to Hospitals” push. All those involved in this process have been pushed into filling in forms and in some cases using spreadsheets. For some of us this is home territory and spreadsheets and forms are much easier to deal with then sewing machines and fabric, for others they are more of a challenge. Those using the spreadsheets have been doing a magnificent job especially if they are not that familiar with them and many of you have been filling in forms wondering where all the information is going. We do appreciate it. With a few exceptions, around changes in coordinator, we have pretty much managed to keep track of every piece of fabric bought, cut and despatched to coordinators down to who now has the fabric. Well done all….

What is proving a bit more slippery to keep a handle on is which scrubs have been finished and collected until they arrive at the hub. There are all sorts of complications that in a well thought out plan with time on our side we would have sorted out. As it is we may not always have asked quite the right question so we are counting scrubs made from fabric we have funded, new fabric bought by our amazing sewers , fabric donated by sewing shops and scrubs made from re-purposed material….. all at the same time…. We are asking what has been made, has it been collected etc. etc .

It kind of makes sense but we give out a big sigh of relief when we see them in the hub or see evidence that scrubs have been passed on to individuals in the front line roles. This is what really matters.

As of end of play today we have made somewhere between 300 and 400 sets of scrubs (two different sheets two different answers… (sorry we will sort it out) and around 120 sets have gone out to a mix of Malvern Community Hospital, St Richards Hospice , and various individual nurses etc. all through individual links from fabric purchased by individuals and / or repurposed fabric. Finally and importantly we have 180 sets of scrubs at the hub which is fantastic news. Well done everyone.

We have told the Acute Hospitals that we will have scrubs for them tomorrow and hope there will be between 150 and 200 to deliver, watch this space. It will be so good to see them going to where they are intended and we hope for some photographic evidence to encourage you all to keep sewing.

Weekend Catch Up

I’m sorry I’ve missed a couple of days of updates but I think many of us needed a catch up this weekend. So much fabric has come in and gone out of our hub this week that it’s all been a bit hectic. We are trying to keep up with the records and make sure we know just where we are.

Anyway, I thought you might like to know just what you are all part of. So far we have:

Spent 0ver £9000 on fabric and distributed 820 sets of scrubs to sewers to be made. We have further fabric coming on early next week (hopefully Monday) to make a further 225 sets of scrubs and more funds in the pipeline.

You have told us via our forms that you have made 316 sets of scrubs but we suspect its more than that and 55 sets of scrubs are already in use having been handed out by individuals.

This, of course, is without all those thousands of laundry bags, headbands, hearts and scrub hats… What an amazing effort everyone.

We are expecting a lot of scrubs to come into the hub tomorrow and should be able to send a big batch to the Acute Hospitals early next week. Once we have got that order out we can concentrate on the Community hospitals, care homes, hospices etc etc. so we expect next week to be as much about collecting finished scrubs and distributing them as well as ordering more fabric for distribution.

Finally, if you know of any nursing homes, care homes other settings that want scrubs please direct them to this form so that we can see what need we are trying to fulfil.

Thank you once again for your amazing efforts. As the weather takes a cooler turn next week keep yourselves warm tucked up with your sewing machines!

Funded Fabric Distribution – Todays Update

The good news today is that the 1300m previously reported as due towards the end of the week is here and should be distributed tomorrow.

We decided in order to get it out for you to sew over the weekend we would not have it cut which would have meant leaving it until Monday to distribute.

We have to hold our hands up Worcester and Malvern sewers you didn’t get any of the last batch which had been cut due to some counting confusion. Bags were confused with scrubs and with their being 2 scrubs in a bag the numbers going to different areas went a bit awry!! Our apologies all will be made up for in tomorrows distribution. This does however mean that Worcester and Malvern will not have had any cut to pattern scrubs. If you particularly wanted cut to pattern because cutting I difficult for any number of reasons please let your coordinator know and we will do our best to get cut patterns to you in the next cut batch.

We have another delivery of fabric due on Monday and hope to place another order early next week so the fabric should keep coming out to you. Please keep sewing.

We hope to see quite a lot of scrubs coming in tomorrow from the fabric delivery today and maybe more tomorrow. It will be lovely to start to see them ready to go out very very soon.

Finally to let you know that we had some reports of one of the red colours running badly. We ran the ones coming out today under hot water and did not see significant leakage. With the stronger colours we have to expect a bit of run on a first wash I guess. Hopefully it was just that one batch that was bad.

Customised Pockets

Increasingly as you get scrub sets to sew you should start to get embroidered pockets to stitch on your scrubs. They are a nice neutral grey with our logo embroidered on. They are being churned out over the next few days but hopefully they will be starting to make their way out in some if not all of tomorrow’s batches.

Pre-Cut Scrub Sets – Coming out tomorrow

The next batch of fabric coming out will have been cut to pattern. Don’t be surprised when you get a pack of scrubs to find that the top and bottom are not the same colour. The tops and bottoms were cut at different locations and both cutters recommended this plan for speed. Some will be the same colour and some will not depending on whether we had two rolls of a colour to go to the different locations. We had to make some quick decisions. We will try to make up funky colour combinations in the hub but frankly some of them will be mixed up in hospital laundry’s anyway.

When the next batch arrives we have a plan to get sets of blue tones and sets of green tones to make up sets and use the odd colour out to go out not cut to pattern pieces.

All of these fabrics have been pre-shrunk

Funded Fabric Distribution

We have so much goodwill and so many sewers on this site that sadly we cannot supply fabric to all those that are ready to sew (or not yet at least). However we are starting to think that we might get to the stage where we can get everyone sewing. It’s all a matter of funding the fabric and getting it to you.

We have volunteers to make 1100 scrubs. That’s about 3800m of fabric! So far we have bought 2100m which will all have been distributed to the areas by the end of play tomorrow. We have another 1300m expected towards the end of the week so a good number of people will have had material and be sewing by next week. It seems very likely that we will be in a position to buy another 1300m by the end of this week hopefully with delivery mid next week but we cannot be sure just yet. The fabric should keep coming but some of you will need to be patient.

We are trying to distribute the fabric fairly amongst the areas based on the number of sewers. We will then try to work out a system so that largely, local sewers work goes to their local hospitals to avoid excessive transport, however we will work with the local coordinators to ensure that all the hospitals get the garments they have asked for in size and colour etc. so some may need to come back into the centre for sorting. That is another bit of planning we still need to do but will address shortly.

Our first priority at the moment is always getting fabric out to you all. Please bear with us and thank you for your enthusiasm.

A quick request

Tomorrow fingers crossed we will be sending more fabric out to area coordinators. Any completed scrubs you can get back to them before they get their fabric drop will be able to come into the centre for us to try to set up our first delivery to the acute hospitals. Please try to get any back that you can. I appreciate this may be largely in the hands of the coordinators who must be very very busy just now. Thanks – Once we have sorted the acute hospitals we will be discussing with coordinators how we supply the Community Hospitals. Thanks again, we can’t say thank you enough for all our sewing….

Update Tuesday PM

Today has been a quieter today apart from the fact that we hit the Go Fund me £4,500 target which is wonderful news. I can’t believe that when we upped the target from £1,500 to £4,500 such a short time ago we thought it might be wishful thinking. We have a group of our members busy doing PR and fundraising as well as sewing and it is great to see their hard work paying off. We have decided to set our sights high again and we have set a new target of £8,000 so please keep spreading the word.

Another smaller batch of fabric went out today and we have spent our time sourcing material, talking to the Acute Trust about delivering completed scrubs and sorting out fabric cutting. The result of all this should be another batch of pre-cut fabric coming out on Thursday and scrubs ending up where they are needed.. This however, depends on the wind blowing in the right direction and the ducks all ending up in a row…. Cross your fingers and toes and watch this space.