Good Evening

Tomorrow will be a fabric kind of day… Today we received two lots. 1750m from the Chris Evans fund. Some of this material is on the thin side we think. Let us know when you make it up what you think… then we also had about 350m from the main For the Love of Scrubs group which turned up unexpectedly!! This is fabric that we think will be more similar to the fabrics we have been using up to now, albeit that that has varied.

So, tomorrow Luca and his team will be busy getting this fabric out to your coordinators. There should be more fabric again next week as well so pace yourselves.

It was great to see that many of you are willing and able to volunteer to make more scrubs but also good to see a few people recognise when enough is enough! I am serious when I say pace yourselves.

A lot of scrubs have gone out over the past three days and, let’s be honest, we need a bit of time to fill in a few spreadsheets and catch up the counting! Maybe I’ll be able to fill you in tomorrow. It’s lovely to see so many pictures now coming through of scrubs being used for what they were intended.

We can never say thank you enough for all your enthusiasm, just as we think we are flagging you come back with such enthusiasm in the poll that we know we need a few more weeks of sewing to complete this task. We are however thinking, that we will soon decide on a final total to aim for and draw a line… we just haven’t quite agreed where the line is just yet!!