End of Week Round Up

Some stats for you:

Nearly 2300 sets of scrubs made along with over 12,000 scrub bags, 6,800 headbands and 1800 scrub hats!

Over 2100 sets of scrubs sent out and orders for a further 1,000.

I admit I underestimated us all at the outset. I never thought we would reach these kind of numbers. I thought a few hundred was reasonably ambitious. What amazes me now though is that we seem to just keep making scrubs at the same rate day after day…… that said we have seen a few sewers let us know on the facebook group that it is time they put their Scrub Making to one side and we are forever grateful to them for their contributions. If you are in the same position but haven’t posted on facebook let us all thank you now for all your efforts and ask you to stay in touch.

Two more big batches of fabric went out at the end of last week (as usually with a few hitches!). This should enable us to meet the orders we have left to fulfil which should take us about 2 weeks to make at the current rate.

My continual plea though is this. Please don’t get stressed, take a break enjoy the sunshine, let your family see your face not just the top of your head and the sewing machine. That way we will be able to look back at this as a fulfilling and enjoyable project and when your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren ask you what you did during the pandemic you will have a good story you will be happy to tell (and maybe a photo or two).