Daily update may become not quite so daily!

As time progresses and if my work increases which is looking likely these daily updates may become alternate day updates! It feels slightly less critical to keep everyone bang up to date with what’s going on lately as, in spite of the usual hiccups, we do have a routine of sorts going now.

We may well have our last two big fabric deliveries (or at least the last two we currently envisage) arriving tomorrow. I’m trying to encourage Luca and the hub team that it doesn’t all have to go out in one big rush, please expect it to arrive with your coordinators over the next few days. As well as cutting and despatching fabric, scrubs are being delivered out left right and centre so it really is a lot of work for the hub at the moment. Our message to all those involved is, take it steady, it takes as long as it takes without stressing anyone.

You may be interested to know that our project 3000 trial has gone over the 500 and we have sewers busy sewing away with their next pick up and drop off tomorrow. The idea of having ready-cut fabric is not without its issues. Our sewers are finding extra pieces in some bags and missing pieces in others. We are chasing around trying to buy the matching bias binding for them usually at the last minute as the different sizes are in different colours and the sizes keep changing and a few other curve balls have been thrown at us but it is progressing well. The hospital have been very pleased with what we sent in which is the main thing and makes it all worthwhile.

Please make sure your coordinators know if you want fabric as there should be plenty over the next week.

Happy Sunny Tuesday everyone.