About us

The Worcestershire “For the Love of Scrubs” Group is a regional offshoot of the National “for the Love of Scrubs” group.

As we are all too well aware our NHS and care staff are all doing an amazing job on the front line. Due to the re-deployment of staff and staff coming back into the service to help there is a shortage not just of protective equipment but of Scrubs.  These are the clothes worn under protective equipment and around wards that can be easily changed/washed and ready to wear again. Some staff are spending shifts wearing paper scrubs which are not comfortable and /or struggling to be able to change them as they should be.

Worcestershire "For the Love of Scrubs" group is aiming to make scrubs from our homes using an army of home dressmakers, professional seamstresses and anyone with sewing skills. We have formal approval from Worcester Acute Trust and Worcester Health trust to make scrubs for staff at their 9 hospitals. We have hospitals and wards feeding through their requirements to us with numbers being requested already exceeding 500 and more requests are coming in as we write this. We have a lot of work to do!

Purchasing suitable fabric is an issue but more importantly does not come cheap. A set of typical scrubs made with fabric purchased by our team is costing from £15 to £35 per set. Whilst many have bought fabric from their own pockets others are struggling to afford to buy the fabric they need and / or are not able to source what they need.

As a result we have a crowd funding page https://www.gofundme.com/f/worcestershire-for-the-love-of-scrubs where we are rasiing money to buy fabric for our team to sew with.

Rest assured should we raise more funds than are needed any balance will be paid over to the Nation Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal.  However, right now we just need funds and fabric to really make a difference.

The central team supported by literally hundreds of volunteers are:

Katie Powis - nominated as the prime co-ordiantor for the Worcestershire are by the national group after she volunteered
Sian Warran - who has been leading on organisation of local co-ordinators, facebook page structure, communication and everything else operational
Sue Hawthorn - who has been been involved in ensuring processes are set up to manage finances, monitor activity, collate data and generally help out

Be confident that our scrubs, funds and material are carefully managed:

It may have seemed at times that we have been slow to react in some areas but we have been keen to do things right.

We have communicated with the NHS hospital trusts and sought approval to make for them to ensure no scrubs are made without being acceptable. We have worked with the trusts to find out what they actually need and now know what we are trying to deliver.

We have a clear specification of the type of material that can be used for the scrubs we are making.

We were keen that any funds raised by a crowd funding process should be easily accessible from the crowd funding platform whilst remaining secure.

To this end we have found St Marys Church Tenbury Wells who have kindly agreed to act as our bankers for the duration of the project. All funds from the Go Fund Me page will be transferred into their Charitable fund bank account and recorded in a specially set up code. Any cheques received can also be paid in here. We will then purchase fabric under an approved process and re-claim the funds from the Church who will reimburse the purchaser.

All of this and more is set out in the draft Financial Regulations and Procedures (see below).   These will be finalised once they have been tested in use over the coming few days / weeks.





Worcestershire For the Love of Scrubs

Draft Financial Regulations & Procedures


These regulations cover all funds raised in the name of Worcestershire For the Love of Scrubs. They do not cover individuals who chose to fundraise personally to buy fabric to make scrubs or other items on behalf of Worcestershire For the Love of Scrubs (WFLOS).

References to the team of 3 are to Katie Powis, Sian Davis and Sue Hawthorn

1. Fund Raising

Funds may come from two sources

  1. Raised through a Go Fund me platform set up for the purpose
  2. Cheques / bank transfers from charitiesetc paid directly into the Bank

2. Donated Fabric

Fabric donated by individuals or suppliers is difficult to keep track of as it may be given to an individual or to the group. A roll of thanks will be maintained on which anyone donating goods will be recorded but this will be an informal process.

3. Banking

St Marys Church Tenbury Wells will be using their bank account to act as bankers on our behalf.

The St Mary’s Church Treasurer /Assistant Treasurer will keep record all funds from WFLOS in a sub-account named appropriately and will pay any funds requested out of this same account. Should there be any funds left as a balance when the project reaches a conclusion they will be transferred to the WFLOS chosen charity.

3.1 Receipts

All money donated through the Go Fund me platform and any funds raised from charities etc paid by cheque or direct bank transfer will be paid into the St Mary’s bank account.

Any cheques for the fund should be made payable to St Mary’s Church Tenbury Wells and passed to the assistant treasurer for paying into the bank account. Sue Hawthorn should be advised of the donor's name and value so that she can record it on the accounts.

 3.2 Payments

The only way that money will be paid out of the account without amendment to this document will be by payment to Katie Powis. Such payments will be made by the St Mary’s assistant treasurer writing a cheque out to match an invoice submitted by Katie and approved as set out under Spending below.

4. The Go Fund Me Account

The Go Fund me account uses the group email address worcsflos@gmail.com the password is known by the team of 3. They all have access to make updates but will only do so after consulting each other.

Transferring Funds - The only bank account to which funds may be transferred is the St Mary’s Church Account. Sue Hawthorn will have primary responsibility for this process.

The account will be set such that funds are automatically transferred to St Mary’s Bank account on a daily basis. Access to change the bank transfer arrangements require a verification code to be sent ot 01886 833308 Sue’s home phone number. In the event that Sue was ill her husband Mike could receive the code whilst on the phone to another member of the team. There is little expectation that any changes will be needed.

5. Spending

Katie Powis is the only person authorised to spend from this fund until such time as this document is updated by agreement between the team of 3.

The only items that may be purchased from this fund are fabric for scrubs, laundry bags, headbands and scrub hats plus the associated thread, elastic, tape etc. paper for patterns and any delivery and / or postage costs associated with these items.

Katie may spend up to £250 per supplier and up to £500 per day without any approval provided she has checked the accounts spreadsheet and/or Go Fund Me account and  knows that there are funds available.

These approval limits can be passed with an email approval from either Sian Davis or Sue Hawthorn which must be submitted to the Assistant Treasurer with the request for reimbursement.

6. Record Keeping

A spreadsheet will be maintained which will record all income and expenditure. This will be kept in the finance folder in the google drive so all of the team of 3 can see it whenever they wish.  In the case of expenditure this will detail the supplier, what was purchased including the length of material, the total cost and a reference. The reference should be the date followed by the supplier name followed by the amount.

This reference should be used as the name for a file showing the invoice and order. A copy of the file showing the invoice and order should be filed in the folder set up for this purpose under finances in the google drive. This will be the file that Katie submits for reimbursement.

A copy of the google drive spreadsheet will be sent to the St Mary’s church assistant treasurer once a week and Sue Hawthorn will work with her to make sure our records are in agreement.

Spreadsheets should be maintained recording what finished articles are handed over to the Hospitals in terms of Scrubs and ideally other goods as well.

7. Alternates in case of Illness etc.

In case of illness the following may act in place of those specified in this document. The document will not need updating for this to take place.

St Mary’s Assistant Treasurer - St Mary’s Treasurer or such person as the trustees of the fund approve

Katie Powis -
Sue Hawthorn -
Sian Warran -