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Hello and welcome to the website for the For The Love Of Scrubs Worcestershire Facebook group - a group set up to help all Worcestershire volunteers wishing to sew scrubs and or scrub bags for our amazing NHS staff. We are working under the umbrella of the For The Love Of Scrubs - Our NHS Needs You Group that Ashleigh and George Lindsell are working so hard on. If you want to know a bit more about our group please take a look at the about us page.

Our Position Late May 2020


We have been on the go making scrubs and other items for approaching 2 months now. In this period we have raised over £16,000 and used this to fund fabric. We have also had very significant donations of fabric and many many sewers have bought their own fabric. We have now delivered around 1350 sets of scrubs to the Acute Hospitals and a further 280 to other NHS services.

We are still sewing a batch of fabric for our acute hospitals but are not currently aware that they are looking for any further supplies. We are in touch with a range of managers and front line staff so have a good line of communication should further scrubs be required.

We have sewers completing the sewing of two large batches of fabric and if you are new to us as a sewer we welcome you to join us in completing our current work. Some of our existing sewers are returning to work so newcomers are very welcome. This ongoing work is helping us to complete the supply of carehomes, hospices and other venues who have requested scrubs. We expect to have supplied well over 3000 sets of scrubs by the time we are done.

Our current assessment is that we have sufficient donations and fabric to fulfil all that is needed within our county. As circumstances change, we will update this page. However, for now we are not seeking further donations of funds, nor do we plan on sourcing any further fabric beyond what we already have in the pipeline.

We hope that commercial sewers will be up to speed and able to supply an ongoing need once we have completed this work. We do not wish to replace jobs that provide people with a livelihood at a time when they are much needed.  

If you wish to sew with us please take a look at the site and contact your area coordinator

Still want fabric for Scrubs?

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Made Scrubs?

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Handed over Scrubs?

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Made Hearts?

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Totals update

Updates on how many items our amazing sewers have made!







Scrub Hats


Up to date
4th June 2020

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Weekend update

There is no doubt now that although some are still busy sewing we are winding down. The slope of the graph showing the number of scrubs made is starting to flatten out, and this time it’s not because of a gremlin in the spreadsheet! Incredibly we are heading towards 4000 sets of scrubs and this does not include the project 3000 scrubs to whom I think we have now delivered 1200 sets of scrubs.

Winding down for some is a relief and a step back to normality, for others it will create a void where something really positive has been part of their lives which they don’t want to lose. To this end we have been thinking about ways that other projects might start up as this project slows down. Some of the ideas that we have come up with are set out below but we welcome all your thoughts.

If we are to follow through with some other projects we need some organisers to come forward. Our local coordinators are variously stepping back and/ or staying in for now and our team of three Sian, Katie and Sue will not all be staying in long term. However it works out a new structure and team are inevitable although we all hope that everyone will stay in touch. The main thing is that we all try to make the transition in a constructive, positive and happy way that sees us through to the end but ready for those that wish to to take on more.

Here are some of the ideas…. Perhaps when we have had some feedback we will issue yet another of our forms to take some more structured feedback on the way forward. For now please comment and add your ideas without any sort of commitment.

In the short term some will no doubt be making face coverings and we certainly have no issue with this but as has been said before will not be dealing with the logistics through this group. Using up scrap material from scrubs to make face coverings is a great way forward if you know where you are going to send them. They will surely to welcomed.

Sian’s idea – making fidget blankets for demtia sufferers / alzheimers / autisitc etc.

Katie’s list of possibilities

Sue’s idea

Dressing up clothes for school reception classes / aprons for home corners…… not really sure of need just a thought.

I’m sure we’ve heard other ideas but lets try and collate a few more here….

Happy sewing whatever you are up to.

Thank You Letter

Mental Health photo 3
Thank yu letter photo 1

I just wanted to say a huge “thank you” to all the sewers who have participated in “For the Love of Scrubs” – we really were not expecting so many so everyone has obviously been extremely busy in running these up and as a consequence, missing out on the good weather we have been having.

The scrubs are being distributed to the front-line staff who require them and I enclose a couple of photos of our staff who couldn’t wait to try them on.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the public to the NHS and cannot thank everyone enough for all the contributions we have received.  Please do pass on our sincere appreciation to all.

Let us hope we continue to see a downward slide in the number of Covid-19 cases and continual reduction in the loss of lives from this terrible disease.  This is a challenging and worrying time for all staff but knowing the public are supporting everything they are doing does help to keep up morale.

Thank you again.

With best wishes.

Sarah King, Divisional Director of Nursing - Surgery
Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Funding Updates

Updates on how and where the donated money is spent.

Our Go Fund Me now stands at very nearly £7,052 - what a result - well done everyone who has shared the link.

On top of that we have had donations paid directly into the bank account we are using. This has included significant donations from Worcestershire Community Action, Bamford Wealth Management and Christopher Whitehead School fund for protective Equipment bought one of our batches of material for us. Rotary, Lions and Lodges have also been donating and we are doing our best to make sure that every penny donated is put to use as quickly and effectively as possible.

So you know how it works. All of the money raised is being paid out into a charitable fund bank account held by St Marys Church Tenbury Wells. This means that no individual is responsible for the cash. Sue Hawthorn is liaising with them and keeping track of everything so that we can be happy our money is safely looked after. The only thing funds are used for it to buy material for making scrubs and the associated delivery costs.

Our Priorities

and what the Hospitals require

It has taken some time to collate the requirements of our local hospitals but we now have a fairly complete picture of what they would like us to make and it’s a HUGE challenge. With requests for around 800 sets of scrubs!!

With this in mind we have agreed on some priorities. We hope you will all agree that our first priority should be those working in Covid 19 wards and as such our first aim will be to provide around 150 sets of scrubs to Worcester Royal and The Alexandra Hospital in Redditch and after these two to Kidderminster Hospital. Any of us wherever we are in the county will end up in one of the major hospitals should we or our family or friends fall seriously ill. These items will be delivered centrally.

We have been very specifically asked NOT TO DELIVER scrubs to these acute hospitals due to the risk of infection. They will collect from us and we are setting up a process to enable this to happen.

Once we have completed this delivery we then have large numbers requested from all of the Community Hospitals so our next priority will be to deliver to these Hospitals trying to send each one a similar number. This will be coordinated centrally but may involve scrubs being delivered from more local locations.

We will decide how to make these deliveries to the community hospitals over the course of next week. At the moment we have been told that it is OK to take items to receptions but we will clarify this before we get to being ready to make for them..

We hope that you will support this plan and ask that those using centrally purchased material funded by donations use it for this purpose.

We know that many of you have sourced and funded your own material. We understand that you may wish to make for some specific local group or an individual or family member. This is fine, however, if we would appreciate it if as many as possible were making for our coordinated efforts.

If you do deliver scrubs to any other group don’t be shy, please tell us how many and to whom as we all want to know how many we have made and to see the size of our overall efforts.

Health & Safety

Before performing any action towards making scrubs, please ask yourself the following:

  • Am I a person who is suffering from Covid-19 virus?
  • Am I a person who is living with someone who is suffering from the Covid-19 Virus?

If the answer to either of the above is YES, then STOP. This is a marathon and not sprint, please hold off on donation efforts until after the isolation period has passed from the first appearance of illness symptoms. From WHO (World Health Organisation) advises the isolation period is 2 weeks.

If the answer to these two questions is initially NO but becomes YES while you are making scrubs. Please cease your work. Firstly, wash your hands. Wash already made garments, dry them, bag them and move to a high UV area such as conservatory. Wash Fabric and move to a UV area. Put the fabric and or garments in a bag and stay away from it. If you cough on the fabric, Repeat the above.

  • Am I part of the vulnerable persons group?

The government guidelines advise you to self-isolate. Please only perform actions that support this. You will be able to create and donate assuming there is a suitable coordinator in your area who is able to sort logistics of getting the donation contact free from your location to the donation location. Alternatively, please source delivery from a vendor who is able to contactless collect it from your property.

How it works


You can join the facebook group

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Get in touch with your coordinator

It's important to get in touch, you can find your local one here.


Download patterns & information

Access patterns and specifications for all items here.


Gather your materials

Find out where to source fabric, sundries and get help here.


Ready to send finished items?

For scrubs please complete this form, for other items please tell your coordinator.


Please do not donate scrubs to Hospitals personally

Please get in touch with your area coordinators to arrange this.

Request Scrubs

Looking for scrubs for your hospital or department?

We have a stock of scrubs now that are available for those that need them. If you need scrubs please put in a request on the form below. Our range of colours is limited so you may have to compromise on colour to be sure of getting what you need. If you are very specific about colour (especially blue!) you may stand a better chance going through the commercial suppliers.

We also have a supply of wash bags, scrub hats and head bands available to anyone who requests them.