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Hello and welcome to the website for the For The Love Of Scrubs Worcestershire Facebook group - a group set up to help all Worcestershire volunteers wishing to sew scrubs and or scrub bags for our amazing NHS staff. We are working under the umbrella of the For The Love Of Scrubs - Our NHS Needs You Group that Ashleigh and George Lindsell are working so hard on.

After 5 months of huge effort we have now stopped sewing for this project. We stand ready should we be needed again but for now please read on to see what we have achieved.

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End of August 2020

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The Final Round Up

So, this is it, the final round-up. What a few months its been. We’ve all been through the most surreal of times, and some have found it tougher than others, and of course, we are still not there but what has kept many of us going has been the inspiration of each other to work together for a common goal.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I was sceptical we could make a few hundred scrubs at the outset let alone a few thousand but here we are…

Between you (I have not stitched a stitch!!) we have made and distributed in excess of 5,600 sets of scrubs, over 12,200 laundry bags, around 6,880 headbands and nearly 2000 scrub hats and knitted huge numbers of hearts for those separated from loved one in hospital.

It really is quite a feat and one we never anticipated back in April. The hub is now empty and the last few scrubs are being distributed. Interestingly we are sending out some of our last scrubs to the newest junior doctors whose scrubs have not arrived in time for their start next week, so although the need has virtually disappeared, we are still helping our NHS staff just when they need it.

Rainbow scrubs will be popping up on all sorts of NHS settings most especially the Acute Hospitals over the next week or so. If you have cause to be in a hospital and see one, be sure to smile.

We have to extend a massive vote of thanks to every single person involved whether you sewed lot and lots or sewed just one item, whether you ran around like a mad thing collecting and delivering, whether you organised an area or answered questions or worked in our hub cutting and packing, or sat at home raising money by contacting all and sundry for their support. We salute you all.

Then, of course, there are all those who contributed to our funds whether in pound notes or in-kind, we most certainly could not have done it without you. And there are those who helped us manage our funds and those who made our website work.

The list just goes on. I am deliberately mentioning no names. There are far too many to mention and every single one of you deserves a special mention. We will be sending a thank you letter to our contact list of organisations who donated in money and kind to make sure they know just what they helped us achieve. We will also put that Thanks You letter on our Website and Facebook page when it’s written.

I would, however, like to say to Katie and Sian what a privilege it has been to work with you on this project. We have never fallen out, mostly shared the load (although I have sometimes felt like I have not shouldered my full share of the load) and most impressively I think when we’ve agreed to do something we’ve been able to rely on each other to do what we said we’d do. Thank you for letting me join in!!

In the meantime, this is it… the end of this era but hopefully the start of a new one where we all stay in touch and share our new hobbies that take over from this activity.

Lets all look forward to a time when we can get together without fear of hugging and raise a glass or two to our collective success.

Thanks again EVERYONE Katie, Sian and Sue

Thank You Letters


I just wanted to say a huge “thank you” to all the sewers who have participated in “For the Love of Scrubs” – we really were not expecting so many so everyone has obviously been extremely busy in running these up and as a consequence, missing out on the good weather we have been having.

The scrubs are being distributed to the front-line staff who require them and I enclose a couple of photos of our staff who couldn’t wait to try them on.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the public to the NHS and cannot thank everyone enough for all the contributions we have received.  Please do pass on our sincere appreciation to all.

Let us hope we continue to see a downward slide in the number of Covid-19 cases and continual reduction in the loss of lives from this terrible disease.  This is a challenging and worrying time for all staff but knowing the public are supporting everything they are doing does help to keep up morale.

Thank you again.

With best wishes.

Sarah King, Divisional Director of Nursing - Surgery
Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust


Dear lovely people

A few months ago all our lives changed.
I work in a hospital as a consultant and during this time like most hospitals my place of work realised we were short of scrubs and were able to buy more through usual routes. An idea was formed that rather than buy them we could get them made? I asked a few friends/relatives to look into this.
A few months later and I realised that despite everyone in the country having to deal with their own family/work/health worries people are wonderful and kind and I have been amazed.

I made contact with a company called loft25 who had decided that they would help. we sourced some fabric and it was cut ,then an appeal for volunteers was made.
Kind, hardworking and dedicated volunteers from all over stepped forward. Individuals and groups like worcestershire love for scrubs stepped forward.
3000 scrubs later my hospital has all the scrubs we need.

I am indeed humbled by the people I have met.
Throughout the pandemic I have been lucky to have a paid job. Others not so lucky, have put this aside and have spent their time at their sewing machines to make sure that us hospital workers are protected. Those who couldn’t sew, helped co-ordinate, collect, drive etc etc
I cannot show enough my appreciation.
I wish I could go to all the volunteers individually to show my thanks. There are too many of you lovely people.
So I am writing this to you, each and every one of you.

I thank you and I want you to know your hard work was appreciated. The fact that you thought of others during these hard times humbled me and inspires me.
I send my gratitude, love and best wishes to you and your families.

Dr Nageena Hussain

Hello to whom this may concern,

I just wanted to say a big thank you, to yourself and your team for kindly taking the time to make such beautiful scrubs for Riverbank ward Children's Worcester hospital.

Myself and all the team massively appreciate your kind generosity throughout the current pandemic that we are all facing at this moment of time.

We have received many compliments by other members of staff on the ward and children, telling us how much they love our new scrub tops

Kind regards

Millie Cooper
Worcester Royal Hospital

Funding Updates

Updates on how and where the donated money is spent.

During the project we raised funds to provide fabric to make Scrubs. We had a fantastic response from all sorts of people and organisations. From £5 donations to Go Fund me, to shops donating fabric elastic and buttons, to individual sewers purchasing fabric themselves, to a £2,500 donation from the Worcestershire Community Fund we thank everyone who donated equally. Everyone who donated helped us in the way that they could and we thank you all for enabling us to get on with the sewing when it was needed most. Please take a look at our Thank You page to see some of the organisation who supported us in our hour of need.

We can summarise what we raised as follows:

Go Fund Me donations - £7,500
Worcestershire Community Fund - £2,500
Christopher Whitehead School Visor fund - £1,300
Bamford Wealth Management - £1,000
Rotary Clubs from around the county - £2,300
A variety of donations - £2,200

Total - £16,800

On top of this we received thousands of pounds worth of fabric from the Chris Evans Fund provided by money raised by his son Noah along with an unknowable amount of fabric purchased and / or donated by our sewers and a number of local fabric shops.

We estimate that the cost of a set of scrubs using fabric purchased by us was £8 to £10 … we made 5,600 sets of scrubs which would means we ended up with around £50,000 worth of donations by one means or another.

Finally not to forget the value of our wonderful website put together by  Claire Wood of Spurwing Creative and banking arrangements by St Mary’s Church Tenbury provided free of charge.

A fantastic effort and we cannot say thank you enough times for all the donations however small or however big. THANK YOU.

Still want fabric for Scrubs?

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Made Scrubs?

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Made Hearts?

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Health & Safety

Before performing any action towards making scrubs, please ask yourself the following:

  • Am I a person who is suffering from Covid-19 virus?
  • Am I a person who is living with someone who is suffering from the Covid-19 Virus?

If the answer to either of the above is YES, then STOP. This is a marathon and not sprint, please hold off on donation efforts until after the isolation period has passed from the first appearance of illness symptoms. From WHO (World Health Organisation) advises the isolation period is 2 weeks.

If the answer to these two questions is initially NO but becomes YES while you are making scrubs. Please cease your work. Firstly, wash your hands. Wash already made garments, dry them, bag them and move to a high UV area such as conservatory. Wash Fabric and move to a UV area. Put the fabric and or garments in a bag and stay away from it. If you cough on the fabric, Repeat the above.

  • Am I part of the vulnerable persons group?

The government guidelines advise you to self-isolate. Please only perform actions that support this. You will be able to create and donate assuming there is a suitable coordinator in your area who is able to sort logistics of getting the donation contact free from your location to the donation location. Alternatively, please source delivery from a vendor who is able to contactless collect it from your property.

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Request Scrubs

Looking for scrubs for your hospital or department?

We have a stock of scrubs now that are available for those that need them. If you need scrubs please put in a request on the form below. Our range of colours is limited so you may have to compromise on colour to be sure of getting what you need. If you are very specific about colour (especially blue!) you may stand a better chance going through the commercial suppliers.

We also have a supply of wash bags, scrub hats and head bands available to anyone who requests them.